Improving Dog's Lives 

SINCE 2015

Bark Collars


Bark Collar for Extra Small to Small Dogs


Bark Collar, For Small to Medium  and Also a Large Dog Waterproof  Bark Collar


Bark Collar. This Bark Collar Has it all, Small to Large Dogs

Treat Mats


3 in 1 Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Dog Towel and Dog Bed.


Lick Mat for Dogs Great for Oral Hygiene and Gum Health

Remote Control Training Collars

1 Dog Training

Remote Training Collars for either 1 dog or 2 dogs

2 Dog Training

Remote Training Collars for either 1 dog or 2 dogs

Who are Our K9?

First and Foremost we are Dog Lovers… We currently have 22 super dogs, All rescues, All rejected for one or more reasons, Dogs with medical issues, street dogs, dangerous dogs, rescued from puppy mills…
They are Naughty They are Good…
They are Young They are Old…
They are Big They are Small…
But They Are ALL Simply Wonderful… Meet them all here…

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Cee Cee

Poor little Cee Cee spent her first fours years locked up in a cage only slightly bigger than her. She had been born in the puppy mill and was going to die in the puppy mill. WVS managed to intervene and we were delighted to give Cee Cee a new home. Cee Cee is so typical of why we love dogs so much. Four years of brutal cruelty and she just forgives and gives love in return. She also loves getting grubby...