Ivory & Charcoal

2 Dogs: Medium - Large

$99.95     -     $49.95

  • ★ ★ Choose the correct collar for your dog, please use the chart provided. Cinnamon & Spice is great for Small – Medium Sized Dogs including Terriers and Bulldogs. Ivory & Charcoal is for Medium to Extra Large Dogs.

  • ★ ★ The Handset is the Same Size as the iPhone 4, it has a Backlight for Easy Operation at Night, and a Power Saving System Built-in. Fast and East to Recharge and No Wasted Disposable Batteries. Fits All Dogs From 50lbs - 150lbs. There are 7 Levels in all correction modes. Each can be set independently.

  • ★ ★ Ivory & Charcoal Collar Package Includes the Following- One State of the Art Handset Transmitter, Two Receivers, Two Fully Adjustable Nylon Collars, One Recharging Unit, One USB Cable, One User Manual.30 Days Money Buy Back. plus One Year Replacement Warranty: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE


1 Dog: Medium - Large

$79.95     -     $39.95

  • ★ ★ State of the Art Multi-Function Remote Training Collar. With Advanced RF Technology giving you a massive range of up to 800 yards. Ability to Train 1 or 2 Dogs at the Same Time. This Collar is designed for Medium to Large Sized Dogs. It uses Sound, Ultrasonic, Vibration and Static Shock for correction.

  • ★ ★ Beautiful Modern Design This makes it a Very User Friendly and Extremely Safe for your Dog. Both Handset and Collar are Waterproof and Rechargeable. The Collar is both FCC and CE certified for your safety and the safety of your dog

1 Dog: Medium - Large

2 Dogs: Medium - Large



Effective, Affordable, Humane Correction Collar - It Works!

This collar is fantastic! The only thing I'm disappointed in is not buying the duel pack, but I plan to purchase it after I submit this review.

I have used several different types of collars by other manufacturers (i.e., Innotek, PetSafe, PetTrainer, Dogtra, SportDog, etc.) over two decades for numerous purposes - containment, training, hunting, and/or correction. What caused me to pause was the affordable price point on this behavior correction collar. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised that a non-shock collar could be so effective and reasonably priced.

I followed the simple directions on the pamphlet found on the outside of the box (this golden nugget is for those who can't seem to find the instructions - that's not a box label, so don't toss it!). An hour later the remote & collar receiver were charged, synced per the instructions (another golden nugget for those who failed to read the instructions - one must sync the collar to the transmitter remote), and placed it on the dog. I decided ahead of time what mode I would use depending on the behavior - ultrasonic for incessant barking, vibration for mounting, and beep for marking. All in all, he received a total of 5 corrections and hasn't required another. I recommend starting at the lowest level of intensity and slowly increasing to find the best level for your dog. I take the collar off when he goes in his crate for quiet time and put it back on when he awakens. As with any correction collar, you should never leave it on 24/7 to prevent pressure sores. Now, simply wearing the collar appears to serve as a reminder so I've loosened the collar to where there is no longer full contact. Otherwise, his personality is unchanged - as he remains the same loving playful boy, just without the undesirable behaviors.

Humane non-shock behavior correction
Simple set up
Long-lasting battery
3 correction modes (great for correcting different behaviors)
7 levels of intensity
Fully adjustable and trimmable collar (if trimmed heat the fresh-cut end to prevent fraying)


This is an unbiased review based upon my personal experience with "Our K9" collar. I did NOT receive any discounts, promotions, or compensation for this review.

Do not leave on dog that is unattended.

This product has been a lifesaver!!! I had tried every dog training trick in the book (and I have formerly spent many years showing dogs in Obedience trials) to stop my rescue/Chihuahua mix to stop barking at people who came to my home to visit and also to stop barking at people we met while going for a walk. she did not respond to anything I tried. I had previously bought a vibrating collar without a remote that vibrated in response to the dogs bark, one problem with that collar is it had such a delay in the vibration, that it actually vibrated after my dog stopped barking- which only confused her. With this collar that has a remote, I can control exactly when the vibration happens and can give a verbal command of "no bark" at the exact time the vibration happens. My dog has responded very well to this collar and she is almost a different dog with just a few training sessions with this collar. I will continue to use this collar until I feel she will respond as well with just a verbal command. It is well worth the price!! Easy to use. would buy it again and again! Love it!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Beep and vibration a more humane behavioral tool.

Returned another product which had a shock option (plus it was defective) and ordered this product which had only beep and vibrate option as a more humane alternative, and my dog responds to it pretty well. I use the beep to distract him when he misbehaves and if that's not effective, the vibration gives him a distraction without inflicting pain as a shock would. I take it off once he's more behaved, and he typically behaves when he either has it on or knows I'm going to put it on him, lol.

Works great

This little collar works great! I bought it to help my younger cat learn not to bully and chase my older cat all the time. When the collar goes on he knows to behave and when he forgets he gets a little buzz reminder. The only thing I'm waiting for is for him to learn that when the collar isn't on the same rules apply. Very easy to charge and sync remote to the transmitter, just read the enclosed instructions. This is a much better way to train your pet than shouting at them all the time for bad behavior. Remember this is not a shock collar.

Great collars!

Works great!! I only have had to zap my dog once, and that was on a very low setting. Now all I have to do is sound the tone to remind him he has the collar on. He doesn't need to wear the collar much anymore. I highly recommend this collar. I like the two collar feature as well. I have to put collars on both my dogs sometimes.